Our comprehensive tools give you the competitive advantage in managing the procurement process from end to end, leading to cost savings and improved supplier relations.


Get pre-approved Contract Templates for various types of agreements such as purchase order, master service agreements, non-disclosure agreements.
Allow procurement teams to avoid common mistakes and maintain contract compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Bulk Sign And Bulk Send

Allows procurement teams to electronically sign and send multiple contracts at the same time.
Streamline the contract signing process by automatically populating contract templates with data from CSV files and sending them to clients for esignature.
Save a significant amount of time and effort, especially when dealing with a large number of contracts.

Contract expiry alerts

Automatically generate reports of contracts that are expiring soon.
Allow Procurement team to proactively plan for contract renewals and re-negotiation.

Taking a closer look..

Is there difficulty in making sure if Suppliers meet their responsibilities?
Do we encounter difficulties in identifying and mitigating risks particularly when engaging with global suppliers?
Do cost savings pose challenges when the contract management process is inefficient?

How does Contractzy help?

Helps to track contract status, key milestones and deadlines ensuring that all parties are meeting their obligations.
Sends automated alerts and notifications for important dates such as delivery deadlines and payment schedules reducing the risk of missing key events.
Helps to monitor and manage costs effectively by tracking contract terms, pricing, terms and conditions.
Generates reports on contract performance helping procurement teams identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions.

Why choose Contractzy?

Automated Alerts, Notifications and Reminders
Stay on top of vital contract events with automatic notifications, ensuring you never miss important milestones.
Powerful integration and compatibility
Integrates seamlessly with other software system creating unified workflows and eliminating data silos.
Effortless implementation and usage
Simplifies the setup and adoption process, ensuring hassle-free experience for businesses seeking smooth transition.
Risk analysis
Utilizes data and analytics to identify potential risks within contracts and helps mitigate them.
Faster turnaround time
Accelerates contract processes, reducing waiting periods and expediting approvals, ensuring contracts are efficiently executed.
Complete visibility
Instantly tracks and monitors contract lifecycle stages enhancing transparency and oversight with a neat dashboard.