Redefining Contract Management

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, we offer cutting-edge CLM solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.
Our mission

Our value-driven approach to contract management is unique.

At Contractzy (formerly The Legal Capsule), our journey is deeply rooted in a desire to make a real difference for businesses handling the often complex landscape of legal compliance.

Our story began with a simple observation: the struggles and frustrations faced by start-ups, growing businesses and large enterprises when it comes to handling legal matters. We saw a gap – a gap between the legal services businesses needed and the resources available to them. Contracts and legal documentation were often treated as afterthoughts, leading to inefficiencies and potential risks. But from this observation, a spark ignited. We envisioned a solution – an all in one platform that would bridge this gap, providing businesses with an easy-to-use, comprehensive resource for all their legal compliance needs. And thus, Contractzy was born.

From the very beginning, our mission has been clear: to empower businesses of all sizes with the legal solutions they need to succeed. We believed – and continue to believe – in the power of automation to streamline the document creation process, freeing up valuable time and resources for

What makes us different?

We are at the forefront of technological advancement

We do not just develop features; we innovate with you in mind. Our product is born from a deep understanding of our Client's pain points, needs and aspirations.
Consistently pushing the boundaries of technology
Crafted to address real-world challenges
Safeguarding your data with utmost confidentiality & compliance

Security beyond compromise

Security isn't just a feature; it's a bedrock of our services. We implement rigorous security measures to safeguard your sensitive contract data, ensuring that confidentiality and compliance are never compromise.
We uphold legal and regulatory standards to the highest degree
Our security measures preserve the integrity of your contracts
Rely on us for peace of mind in the digital realm

Contractzy is designed keeping the user in mind

Our user-friendly design philosophy ensures that our platform is not only powerful but also fundamentally user-centric. We believe that technology should empower, not perplex and that reflects in every interaction you have with our product.
Contract management accessible to everyone
Universal product regardless of their level of expertise
Reducing learning curves and enhancing overall satisfaction

Scalability as Standard

Whether you're a start-up looking to streamline your first contract or a multinational corporation managing thousands of agreements, our product scales effortlessly to accommodate your growing needs.
Smooth expansion without disruptions or downtime
Pay for resources as you need them
We maintain high performance levels as your demands increase

Our Visionary Founders

Gautami Raiker - CEO and Founder of Contractzy
Founder & CEO
Gautami Raiker
Shravan Hegde - CTO and Founder of Contractzy
Shravan Hegde

Backing our ambitions

Our investors have backed many leading businesses across multiple industries and helped them scale.
Former Business Head at Piramal Capital & Housing Finance
Pradip Bhadauria
Founder of Bombay Shaving Company
Shantanu Deshpande
Former CEO of Tech Mahindra
Kiran Deshpande
Managing Partner at WePartner Consult
Vineet Patni
Founder and Former MD of Tasty Bites
Ravi Nigam
President Emeritus of MAIT
Nitin Kunkolienkar
Former CEO of TCS
S Ramadorai
Prasad Menon
Managing Partner at Pentathlon Ventures
Shashank Deshpande

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