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Our Features

Powerful Features to Help you close deals faster

Contract Requests

Raise contract requests with the legal team and track the progress

Template Generator

Instantly generate contracts with our in-built pre defined templates

Real Time Editing And Review

Red line, comment and work in track changes mode maintaining an audit trail of all the changes using MS Word

Workflow Automation

Use our automated workflows to set predefined conditions on different parameters for defining right approvals

More Features

Manage All Your Contracts In One Place

One place for your contract process

Get contracts vetted and executed using one digital platform thereby eliminating chances of errors and risks.

Never miss deadlines or renewals

With automated reminders of important dates and contract renewals, monitoring milestones and activities are easy.

Secured Contract Access

Access your contracts electronically and instantly. Retrieving old contract is just a click away.

Get full contract visibility

Contractzy brings transparency into the operations thereby streamlining workflows at every stage of the contract lifecycle.

Centralized Contract Management
Our Features

Designed For All Teams

Sales Teams

Legal Teams

Procurement Teams

HR Teams

Sales team

By implementing a contract management solution, sales teams can reduce the time and effort required to manage contracts, minimize the risk of contract-related issues, and improve their overall sales performance.

Sales Department

Legal team

A contract management tool for legal departments is a software solution designed to help legal teams create, negotiate, execute, and manage contracts efficiently and effectively.

Legal Department

Procurement team

By implementing a contract management tool, procurement departments can streamline their contract processes, reduce the time and effort required to manage contracts, and minimize the risk of contract-related issues, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.

Procurement Department

HR team

By implementing a Contract Management tool, HR departments are better equipped to manage contracts, monitor them and ensure that the data is not dispersed.

HR Department
Our Features

Designed For All Teams

Apar Industries Pvt. Ltd.

“We appreciated the effort service provided by The Legal Capsule and got additional of arrangement of the Bank Guarantees for our various project tenders being executed on Pan India basis.”

Bhartiya Natural Fibers

“We used The Legal Capsule portal to sign International Vendor Contracts to procure the material and have business continuity.”

Prashanti K.

“Very Good Contract Management Software for Small businesses.I highly recommend The Legal Capsule to small and mid-size enterprises. Their execution and customer support is great!”


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