legacy contracts
legacy contracts
legacy contracts

Revitalize legacy contracts with AI

Keep a well-organized archive, making it easy to access and refer older contracts whenever needed.
cloud-based contract repository

Eliminate scattered storage

Central Repository: Upload or integrate existing contracts from various locations into a secure, central repository.
Trouble-free Retrieval: Our powerful search functionality lets you locate contracts by keywords, parties involved, dates, or custom criteria.

Get contract insights with AI

Intelligent Data Extraction: Our AI algorithm extracts key data from legacy contracts including terms, obligations and key dates.
Automated Organization: AI automatically assigns relevant metadata to each contract for systematic categorization and searchability.
contract data extraction with AI
contract data security

Comprehensive compliance

Robust Data Security: Rest assured your sensitive contract data is protected with industry-leading security measures that comply with data privacy regulations.
Risk Mitigation: Our AI identifies potential loopholes and hidden risks lurking within your older contracts before they become problems.

Timely alerts & cost efficiency

Timely Renewal Reminders: Get automated reminders to stay on top of expiring contracts and ensure smooth contract renewals.
Reduced Costs: AI-powered contract analysis and extraction reduces costs by eliminating manual review and data entry.
contract alerts

Your End-to-End CLM Software

Automated Alerts, Notifications and Reminders
Stay on top of vital contract events with automatic notifications, ensuring you never miss important milestones
Powerful Integrations and Compatibility
Integrates with other software systems creating unified workflows and eliminating data silos
Dedicated Support from our Experts
We provide in-depth training resources and dedicated support to ensure you're making the most of our CLM software
Security and Confidentiality
We prioritize data security with multi-factor authentication, encrypted storage, and regular penetration testing
Faster Turnaround Time
Expedite contract processes, reducing waiting periods and approvals for faster contract executions
Complete Visibility
Instantly track and monitor contract lifecycle stages enhancing transparency and oversight with a neat dashboard

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