digital signature for contracts and agreements
digital signature for contracts and agreements
digital signature for contracts and agreements

Sign-off contracts with digital signature

Your secure, convenient and efficient way to execute contracts.
digital signature for contracts

Swift contract execution

Multiple Signatories: Include any number of signatories in a contract and define the signing sequence for a smooth workflow
Remote Signing: Facilitate remote and global collaboration, enabling parties to sign contracts from anywhere

Secure & legally compliant

Regulatory Compliance: Ensures adherence to electronic signature regulations and legal requirements
Audit Trails: Keep a comprehensive record of contract and signature activities within Contractzy using a centralized audit trail, providing insights into significant events and updates
Authentication Methods: Use secure authentication methods such as OTP, access codes and two-factor authentication to verify signatories
contract audit trail
bulk sign contracts

Bulk sign contracts

DSC Bulk Sign: Digitally sign up to 10 contracts with a single click through our DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) Bulk Sign Feature
Efficient and Productive: Organizations can process a larger volume of digital contracts in a shorter time frame

Choose from our flexible e-signing options

Virtual Signature

Sign contracts with a stylus

Sign contracts electronically without the need to print and sign them manually
Add signature to your contracts and agreements from anywhere, anytime
Recognized as trusted method for signing and legally binding in many regions
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Strengthen contract security with DSC

Requires a physical DSC token from a certified authority to be connected before the signing process
Sign contracts in bulk with DSC when dealing with numerous digital contracts that require validation
A secure electronic signature that is legally valid in India
Aadhaar eSign

Sign using Aadhaar Credentials

Time-stamped electronic signatures providing a clear record of when the document was signed
Reduce the need for physical paperwork and enable remote transactions
Supported and regulated by the Indian Government, ensuring its legal validity

Prevent signature fraud with Contractzy

Smart Face Capture
Captures the signer's live face during the e-signing process
Geo-Location Capture
Records the geographical location of the e-signature for audit trail
Multi-Factor Authentication
Requires signer to provide two-factor verification before signing

Your End-to-End CLM Software

Automated Alerts, Notifications and Reminders
Stay on top of vital contract events with automatic notifications, ensuring you never miss important milestones
Powerful Integrations and Compatibility
Integrates with other software systems creating unified workflows and eliminating data silos
Dedicated Support from our Experts
We provide in-depth training resources and dedicated support to ensure you're making the most of our CLM software
Security and Confidentiality
We prioritize data security with multi-factor authentication, encrypted storage, and regular penetration testing
Faster Turnaround Time
Expedite contract processes, reducing waiting periods and approvals for faster contract executions
Complete Visibility
Instantly track and monitor contract lifecycle stages enhancing transparency and oversight with a neat dashboard

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