Contract Integrity with: Digital Stamping

Cost Efficient
Save on costs associated with physical stamp paper procurement and storage.
Contract Repository
Easily access and manage a digital collection of your stamp papers.
Eliminate the need for physical stamp papers and reduce paperwork.
Shield your Contracts
Incorporates robust security measures, including encryption.
Get an accurate and legally recognized timestamp crucial for contracts
Compliance Companion
Helps meet electronic signature and document management requirements.
Efficient Approvals
Enables quick approvals with electronic signatures and electronic stamps.
Shield your Contracts
Incorporates robust security measures, including encryption.

Simple Handling of E-stamp Papers

Upload, Request and Export: Easily upload, request stamp papers and export stamp paper data.
Stay Informed: Check the availability of e-stamp papers, track which of them have been used and monitor the status and check their history.

Secured and Compliant E-stamping

Approved Vendors: Contractzy procures stamps solely from authorized vendors ensuring complete authenticity.
Legal Validity: Contractzy's e-stamping ensures compliance with the Indian Stamping Laws like Indian Stamp Act 1899 and Information Technology Act 2000.

Personal Stamp Repository

Personal archive: Create and maintain your own personal archive of stamps.
Single click affixing: Effortlessly upload your own stamps and affix them with a single click to your contracts. It's that simple!

Taking a closer look..

Increased risk of document tampering or unauthorized changes due to the absence of e-stamps.
Manual signatures and paper-based approvals led to delays in the contract approval process.
Data security without encryption and secure authentication increased the risk of breaches and unauthorized access.
E-stamping ensures protection of contracts with encryption and secure access.
It facilitates convenience and accessibility, especially for remote or geographically distant clients.
Reduces paper usage, promoting eco friendliness and reducing expenses.
Create and manage your own digital collection of stamp papers, making them readily accessible for your needs.
Legal Teams: Helps to ensure legality and authenticity of all contracts, legal documents and agreements.
Procurement Teams: Helps verify the integrity of supplier contracts, purchase orders, and procurement agreements.
Sales and Marketing Teams: Helps to enhance the credibility of sales agreements, marketing contracts and partnership agreements.
Human Resource Teams: Helps to safeguard the authenticity of employment contracts, NDAs and talent agreements.

With Contractzy's Digital Stamping Feature

Faster contract execution
Reduction in stamping expense
Increase in efficiency

Avoid allowing physical stamping to hinder your digital paperwork. Opt for a swift and user-friendly e-stamping or digital stamping solution.

Attain a 100% paperless Contract environment by digitally procuring e-stamps.
Maintain your inventory accurately and ensure complete legal compliance.
Covers 20+ States and Union Territories