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Redefining Contract Management With AI

Contractzy gives enterprises an end-to-end contracting platform to manage every aspect of the contract lifecycle with AI-powered tools.
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Automate Your Contract Workflow

AI-powered Contract Management Software that handles it all.

Contract Creation

Draft contracts from scratch or use our templates to meet your requirements while ensuring legal compliance.

AI Contract Summary & Data Extraction

Effortlessly summarize contracts from creation to completion and extract detailed data with AI-powered precision for actionable insights.

Audit Trail & Report Generation

Monitor and record contracts from creation to completion, and create customizable reports for clear, actionable insights.

4-Step Route to Effective Contract Lifecycle Management

Craft precise contracts tailored to your unique needs & requirements.
Secure necessary approvals making sure everyone involved is on the same page.
Fine-tune terms to align with your goals eliminating any friction in the process.
Officially execute agreements with e-signature and fulfil your commitments.
AI contract review

AI-powered Contract Review

Our AI-powered Contract Review feature helps you expedite your review process and mitigate risks before finalising agreements.
Extract key contract details like dates, parties involved, financial terms and more
Identify clauses that may deviate from the standard terms
Flag potential risks for your review
Suggest improvements, clarifications or even rejections of specific clauses

Intuitive Dashboard

Get a bird's-eye view of your contract portfolio on our user-friendly dashboard. Keep track of contracts, upcoming deadlines and recent activities all in one place without having to navigate through various systems.
Holistic contract management overview
Real- time data updates
View critical contract metrics
contract management software dashboard

Catch a glimpse of our power-up features

Bulk Sign

Sign multiple contracts at once using DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

Bulk Send

Send contracts with a single click to multiple recipients at the same time

Obligations Management

Plenty of content sections so you never have to compromise on a feature or two

Scheduled Reports

Automate report generation at set intervals for timely insights into your contract portfolio

Offline Signing

Sign contracts even without an active internet connection for flexible contract execution

Renewal, Addendum & Amendment

Extend, modify, or update your existing contracts

Why Contractzy?

Experience the difference with Contractzy - designed to work for you, not against you.
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Features included :
Quicker implementation as compared to industry standards
Seamless e-signature workflow directly within the platform
Comprehensive contract management solution at a competitive price
Allows you to send contracts to multiple recipients simultaneously
Other CLM Software
Features not included :
Other CLM software implementation can take months
Many CLM software rely on integrations with other platforms
Other CLM software tend to be expensive with limited functionality
Most CLM software requires manually sending contracts one at a time

Works with all your favourite tools

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Adobe Sign

Kind word from our clients

"Contractzy has helped us to navigate through contract management seamlessly and therefore we have been able to close on contract execution with speed. The team at Contractzy are always up and ready to resolve our queries, issues, requests within a quick span of time which adds to customer delight."
Manish Jain - Head of Legal Department, Bajaj Markets
Manish Jain
Head of Legal Department, Bajaj Markets
"Let me place on record the role of Contractzy software in managing contracts. It has played a stellar role in helping us manage contracts with timelines. I will recommend the software for great contract management at the workplace."
Reni Verghese - Head Global Legal Shared Services, Bridgestone
Reni Verghese
Head Global Legal Shared Services, Bridgestone
"Agreement signature process at Easebuzz has now become efficient and easy. Contractzy reduces the time and effort required for managing contracts and agreements. As the process has now become digital, the executed agreements could be accessed seamlessly. The customer support is proactive and readily available."
Nitin Bhuwania - General Counsel, Easebuzz
Nitin Bhuwania
General Counsel, Easebuzz

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