Crafting Commitments with: Contract Request

Compliant Templates
Use predefined templates and clauses and reduce the risk of errors.
Simplified Requests
Streamlines the process of initiating contracts.
Automated Workflows
Eliminate manual, time consuming tasks and increase your efficiency.
Early Reminders
Schedule crucial reminders from contract inception.
Trackable Requests
Enable real-time request progress tracking.
Compliant Templates
Use predefined templates and clauses and reduce the risk of errors.
Contract To-Dos
Track upcoming contract-related tasks and assignments.
Notification centre
Get alerts for important contract events and milestones.
Schedule your payment
Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Effortless Contract Initiation

Request forms: Simplify contract request initiation with user-friendly request form for a smooth start.
Scheduling Reminder: Schedule reminders for important milestones right from the beginning of the contract management process.
Agreement Details: Ensure clarity and organization by providing a clear contract name, selecting agreement types and setting due dates.

Worfklow Excellence

Smart Routing: Automatically direct requests to the appropriate users or departments based on predefined rules.
Real-time tracking: Requesters can monitor the status of their requests through the approval process.
Structured Workflow: Implement a well-defined request workflow that guides requestor through the necessary steps, ensuring completeness and compliance.

Effortless Data Management

Document Upload: Attach supporting documents ensuring completeness and accuracy.
Centralized Request System: Provide a single, accessible platform for users to submit new contract requests, eliminating scattered communication and requests via various channels.
Queries and Chat: Allow users to leave comments, suggestions and feedback within the document for efficient communication.

Notification and Approvals

Timely Alerts: Easily track the progress of contract requests from submission to approval and execution, enhancing transparency.
Automated Notifications: Receive automated notifications for pending approvals, updates and changes to contract requests, keeping all users informed.

Taking a closer look..

Users relied on traditional methods such as emails or paper forms to request contracts which led to inefficiencies.
Users had limited insight into the status and progress of their contract requests which caused uncertainty.
Inefficient communication channels resulted in delays, misunderstandings and miscommunications relevant parties.
Users had limited options to modify or withdraw requests making it challenging to adapt to changing circumstances.

Simplifies and accelerates the contract initiation process reducing administrative burdens.
Offers real-time tracking and notifications, ensuring Users are informed throughout the request's lifecycle.
Minimizes data entry errors and ensures data accuracy with user-friendly forms and validation prompts.
Legal Teams: Centralizes the process of contract initiation enabling legal teams to efficiently review and process new contract requests.
Sales and Marketing: Streamlines the submission of sales agreements, marketing contracts, and partnership requests, supporting revenue-generating activities.
Procurement Team: Improves supplier contract initiation ensuring all procurement requests are submitted in a structured manner.
Human Resource: Facilitates the request and review of employment contracts talent agreements and HR-related documents.

Why choose Contractzy?

Automated Alerts, Notifications and Reminders
Stay on top of vital contract events with automatic notifications, ensuring you never miss important milestones.
Powerful integration and compatibility
Integrates seamlessly with other software system creating unified workflows and eliminating data silos.
Effortless implementation and usage
Simplifies the setup and adoption process, ensuring hassle-free experience for businesses seeking smooth transition.
Risk analysis
Utilizes data and analytics to identify potential risks within contracts and helps mitigate them.
Faster turnaround time
Accelerates contract processes, reducing waiting periods and expediting approvals, ensuring contracts are efficiently executed.
Complete visibility
Instantly tracks and monitors contract lifecycle stages enhancing transparency and oversight with a neat dashboard.